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NEW GSM diablo Cam

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Inviato 13 gennaio 2013 - 03:39

Hi Guys,

Welcome back and finally something, for my opinion, really extraordinary and innovative from Duolabs.
I recevied today an engineering sample of the new Diablo CAM GSM-GPRS.
This piece of tool is like a WiFi CAM but instead of the WiFi we have the GSM modem like a normal mobile phone.

Some of you may be thinking what can I use this for?!? Some other may have yet not understood what it is all about.

Let me try yo explain in a few words...

Do you have old parents, friends that do not have a Broadband flat connection for Internet at home?

They just use internet but they want to receive data as your dreambox!?!

No worries this is the perfect great solution.

After re-programming the official software with third party softwre you will be able to connect on the internet and use Linuxbox emu like 3c

This is a great piece of hardware because you can use any old receiver or even new TV Sets to receive data.
No more need to have ADSL at home or worries of being tracked via internet.

To make it work simply get a prepaid or subscribed SIM card from your local provider (make sure you have a good connection at home) insert the SIM Card in

the SIM Slot and you are all set!

Let's have a look at the hardware set:

1x GSM CAM with GPRS 2G connection up to 85Kbit per second (fast enought for what we need).
1x External GSM Antenna. This is a great thing because using an external antenna you can have a much stable and bette connection than your mobile phone

(all with integrated antenna nowadays).
1x External Power Supplier. I have tested the CAM without the external power but on some receivers it work on some other it is not connecting. Using the

external Power supply I did not face any problem on any recevier I tested in.

The Power Supplier in the Engineering sample is made of a main unit and an extra USB Cable (micro USB) that connects from the main unit to the CAM.
If your receiver/tv set has a USB connection you may just need to plug teh USB cable in there.

On the CAM features you can set the PIN code (enabled or disabled) you can check the signal, the network registration and also read SMS directly from the

Common Interface menu.
Basically the CAM has an internal MODEM just like the BaseBand of a Mobile Phone.

The CAM (I think for costs reasons) is GPRS only which means 2G only but it is good enought for what we need.

It has a delayer to delay the incoming streaming just in case of big GSM latency during the connection.

The speed on my tests is similar to a WiFi CAM so there is not bit delay on channel opening.

My considerations:

1. Many people do not have and do not want to have a ADSL connection. This solution is simply perfect.
2. The DATA Boundle nowadays are really cheap on prepaid with average of 5 Euros per month with 500MB-1GB transfer rate. What we need is an average

bandwidth of 100 MB if you run the service 24/7 for a month. WE are good enought.
3. The untracebility of the connection. Dont forget you are not wired anywhere getting a fake SIM is easy enought.
4. The tests I carried are showing me a nice stability and blackouts if the "3C" data is good enought.
5. Working on any CI receiver or Set-Top-Box.

Final one...

This reminds me a bit the old wafer card where you can just plug and play and it works. Basically you do not need to set up anything locally like installing

routers, opening ports, checking WiFi signal etc.
You can give a ready-to-go solution to any of your friends and it is 100% workign pretty much stright away.
More this is an overnight solution so you do not need any special activation, registration or whatsoever and you can dismantle it at any time just throw away

the SIM Card.

From my point of view this solution is really revolutionary .

It is funny to read SMS's on the TV Set.... quite useless but funny anyway.

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